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What design is complete without LED Wall Displays? Very little, if you ask the Lightworks Interactive team. LED Wall Displays are a vital aspect of event design. It’s pivotal in achieving maximum results. Enhance your event with LED Wall Displays that increases visual complexity. LED Wall Displays are installed to give a full fledged experience that will surely mesmorize guests for any occasion.

Lightworks Interactive offers an arsenal of LED Wall Displays for all events: LED Wall Washing, Wireless LED’S, LED Intelligent Wall Washing, Spot and Beam Intelligent Heads, ETC Source 4 Leiko’s, Pinspotting, High Powered Strobes, Hazer Machines, Custom Gobo’s and Breakout Patterns, CO2 Blasts.

Wall displays can have various uses: Video, Advertising, and Lighting displays. Whatever the case may be, Lightwork Interactive’s LED Wall Dipslays will augment its space and create images that will

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