Throwing events can be a daunting task. It has its difficulties. The set up of production is always a challenge, especially when you are trying to manage other things related to the event. The production doesn’t have to be a headache. Allow Lightworks Interactive to be there to help with concept development to production to breakdown. We serve our clients with the highest standards. Here at Lightworks Interactive we do everything from social events to corporate events with the most cutting edge in technology. We will help you plan the most exhilirating production design within budget parameters.


Are you seeking lighting, LED wall displays, or a LED dance floor for your specific party? Lightworks Interactive offers an eclectic range of technology for your event. They have taken clients from pre-production to breakdown from birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, bar and bat mitzvahs, fundraisers etc. Lightworks Interactive can handle all aspects of the production and collaborate on the right theme for your needs. Focus on what matters most and allow Lightworks Interactive to handle all of the production efforts, alleviating the headaches involved in setting up an event.

Lightworks Interactive Inc
Lightworks Interactive Inc


Lightworks Interactive has collaborated with some of the biggest corporations currently operating in the U.S. (ADD A LIST OF CORPORATE COMPANIES HERE). Their experience in event production has given Lightworks Interactive versatile capabilities in solving some of the most difficult design problems. If your company is launching a new product, Lightworks Interactive will work with you to customize a lighting design for the launch. Showcasing your product with a brilliant lighting design will enhance the presentation dramatically. If you are pitching to C Level clients or Venture Capital Investors, a state of the art lighting design will faciliate marketing and sales efforts. Whether you are a corporate client seeking to install wall displays to enhance presentations or a corporation that wants a customized floor design to collection data on foot traffic, Lightworks Interactive is ready to work with you.

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