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With the advancement of technology, anything is possible. LED dance floors are a legitmate thing. Not only does Lightworks Interactive have LED dance floors, but they offer the option to create custom made flooring designs that interact with human touch. Thanks to Lightworks Interactive’s software development team, dance floors have the capability of being customized for any brand and occassion. The Lightworks Interactive production team handles the installation of all LED flooring.

LED Dance Floors can be used for alternative experiences: floor tracking, data collection, custom content. This can prove to be valuable for puposes outside of ordinary uses. The floors can be used for marketing purposes — analyzing foot traffic metrics. Dance floors are an essential aspect of any dynamic event. Lightworks Interactive has proven time and time again that they are the number one entity in flooring fixture design.

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LIGHTWORKS opotions offers a large variety to choose from for your ActiveFloor System. Our content creators specialize in ActiveFloor Game, Visualization and Experiential design and custom content for your ActiveFloor System.

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